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The Detailing Shop


STAGE 1 Tar Removal and Clay Bar

Clay Bar removes the roughness & contamination that normally cant be removed by washing. Leaving a silky smooth, back to showroom condition.

£85 or £8 Per Panel


STAGE 2 Paint Correction

Paint correction is to remove swirls, oxidation, water marks, blemishes and minor scratches this is done by machine and finished by hand to bring a showroom finish

£150  or £15 Per Panel


STAGE 3 Polish

Is to give it a final finish & smooth off to a showroom finish

£40 or £4 Per Panel


STAGE 4 Triple Wax & Sealant Treatment

1st Layer of carnauba paste wax brings out a deep wet finish exceeding your expectations.

2nd Layer sealant will bond with paint at a molecular level. This space age nano technology used for satellites giving superior results never before achieved resulting in a protection beyond need and a shine beyond reason

3rd Layer Is a selected pure Brazilian carnauba paste to give even more protection and a deep rich mirror like shine with insane beading

£150 or £15 Per Panel


STAGE 5 Bumper & Trim Rejuvenation

Carefully applied to remove all contaminants and bring to a showroom finish



STAGE 6 Rain Repellant Windscreen Treatment

This product is the ultimate nano technology giving such rain repellant properties that driving at over 30MPH you wont need your wipers the rain will just run off the windscreen

Treatment 1 (Lasts 1 year) £12.95
Treatment 2 (Lasts 2 year) £17.95


STAGE 7 Internal Valet

Complete inside seats, carpets and roof washed and all plastics re dressed and window polished.
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Includes Super mini valet.



High End Polish


This service includes our specialist formula which helps us safely remove the damage on the surface i.e Sun damage, Brake dust, tar spots, Tree sap, Bird droppings, swirl marks, minor scratches (which have not penetrated the lacquer) and any other contaminats sitting or embedded in the lacquer. This stage will revitalise the paintwork leaving it in a showroom condition. ( this stage is comprised of a few different stages this is just a short summary of what is included)


Our following Stage is to protect the vehicle after restoring the paintwork its original glory. Our specialist protection system is designed to coat the paintwork with protection from the elements and day to day handling of the vehicle to ensure the shine of the vehicle is not diminished.


Below is an example of the paintwork during the high end polish.


After                                                        Before

Some description


Below is the end result for our High end polish.

 Detailing Shop


Please contact us for more information and a demo.

£600  (Promotion price £250 for a limited period )

Ultimate Valets

£18 Super Mini Valet

Washed as above, hand polished, Interior (inc boot) cleaned, vacuumed, windows polished and complete interior polished and redressed, tyre slick, air freshener. And to top it all off we will apply a special detailer wax to bring out the true beauty and colour of the body paintwork. Giving an extraordinary shine and protection. We think you’ll love it.


£50 Internal Valet (Full Valet)

Everything from the Super mini valet plus;

  •  Doors washed (Fabric only)
  •  Floor carpets including mats washed.
  •  Seats plus headrests.
  •  roof lining.
  •  Boot
  •  including anything other fabric in the vehicle.